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 Pro Athlete Supplementation Minimise

Pro Athlete Supplementation has evolved as a result of 6 years of work with professional athletes and the need to supply a simple but effective way of supplying specific nutrients to aid athletic performance.

The aim is to combine the most effective products into a total nutrition support package that is easy to use. Hence the 3-phase system. PAS have identified and formulated the strongest pre-event drink, a complete recovery formula and a night time support formula that will make a significant impact on an athletes performance when used with a suitable nutrition program. These used in combination with the essential fatty acids and joint support complex provides the most comprehensive performance pack that will benefit any athlete in any sport.

At PAS they have taken every possible measure to ensure their products are safe to use and will not result in a positive drugs test. The products are Gold Standard Screened at a WADA accredited laboratory.

For delivery outside the UK contact us before placing your order to see if it is possible and if additional delivery charges will be incurred.

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Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate shown to have unique properties regarding glycogen loading/refueling. Clinical studies showed Vitargo to be 70% faster at replenishing glycogen levels (1) and 80% faster through the gut (2) compared with other complex glucose polymers. Vitargo has also been shown to be more effective than other complex glucose polymers at increasing muscle strength and body mass when combined with creatine (3).

1. Phel Aulin, K., et al. (2000). European Journal of Applied Physiology, 81, 346-351.

2. Phel Aulin, K., et al. (2000). Scandanavian Journal of Gastroenterology, 35, 1143-1149.

3. Stephens, P.L., et al. (2007). Journal of Sports Science, 1-6.

How does Vitargo work?

Vitargo has a larger molecule size than sugars (e.g. glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltodextrin) found in ordinary energy and recovery drinks. Vitargo's larger size minimises its osmolality, which refers to how much water it draws. Vitargo's low osmolality allows it to pass through the stomach 2 times faster than other carbohydrates which tend to act more like a sponge in the stomach. Spending less time in the stomach allows Vitargo to be absorbed faster, providing a near instant surge of energy into the working muscles, far superior to other carbohydrates. After training or competition, Vitargo recovers glycogen 68% faster allowing for an increase in performance of up to 23% after just 2 hours when compared to carbohydrates found in normal sports drinks

NB: Vitargo is manufactured using a patented process by Lyckeby Starch in Sweden
Vitargo is a registered trademark.

1Kg (13 servings)

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